Designated Spaces

Accessibility Resource Study Room

First Floor - Room 102

Located on the west side of the first floor of Founders Memorial Library, Room 102 contains sources of accessibility technology with an emphasis on blind and low vision. Please see Services for People with Disabilities for further information.

Faculty Carrels

There are a number of carrels available on second, third, and fourth floors of Founders Memorial Library.

Located in various areas on each of the upper floors, carrels are available by request. Carrels are locked rooms in which faculty may work with and store checked-out library materials. Please see Faculty Carrels for further information.

Faculty Carrel Policy

Quiet Space

The entire fourth floor of Founders Memorial Library is a designated quiet space for work and study. Noise level is strictly enforced by Library Security.

Reflection Room

First Floor - Room 102A

The purpose of this room is to provide users and staff with quiet space for individual reflection, meditation, or prayer.

Reflection Room Policy

Scholars' Den

First Floor

The purpose of the Scholars’ Den is to provide a comfortable, convenient environment for browsing newspapers and new books.

Scholars’ Den Policy

Study Rooms

There are a number of study rooms available on the second, third, and fourth floors of Founders Memorial Library.

The purpose of these rooms is to provide classroom space to faculty, and/or when unoccupied, individual or group study space for students. Please see Study Rooms for further information.

Study Rooms Reservation Policy

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