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NIU Libraries Present: Science on a Sphere

At Founders Memorial Library, our goal is to share stories, make connections, and fuel a culture of understanding and innovation. We see data visualization as an essential tool in helping people engage with complex topics. What better way to understand life on our planet than to see global data on a globe-shaped screen? 

After a highly successful temporary exhibit in March of 2022, Founders Library became the home of the 191st Science on a Sphere installation in August 2022. The community is welcome to visit Founders Memorial Library to experience Science on a Sphere, a global display system that projects planetary data onto a six-foot diameter sphere. The system was created by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to help people of all ages learn about Earth System science.

This special exhibit is located on the first floor of Founders Library, south of the escalators. It will be active throughout each day, showcasing both NOAA’s and the University’s amazing and dynamic displays on everything from climate change to hurricanes to the migration patterns of whales and other marine animals.

We hope to see you at the sphere!

Does your group or class want to experience Science on a Sphere?

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