The Stories We Share:

“The Stories We Share” offers a guide to recent award-winning preK-12 books on the experience of immigrant children and teens in the United States. As research shows, young first- and second-generation immigrants are often at a higher risk of experiencing identity crisis due to the intercultural conflicts they face. Providing them with opportunities to recognize their own experience in the experiences of others, such as through literary characters, helps them with negotiating these conflicts. This guide assists educators in quickly navigating the wealth of multicultural literature in search of fictional and non-fictional characters immigrant children and teens are more likely to identify with. The included books can also benefit mainstream readers by promoting understanding of immigration-related issues. Currently, the database includes 150 titles with the possibility of future expansion. Each title was carefully selected, indexed, and annotated by Ladislava Khailova, with funding provided by the 2015 ALA Carnegie-Whitney Grant.

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Interested in learning more about this topic? Please consider ordering "The Stories We Share: A Guide to PreK-12 Books on the Experience of Immigrant Children and Teens in the United States". The book contains additional information, such as material for issue-oriented discussions and overviews of immigration patterns related to each represented group.

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