Guidelines for Co-Sponsorship of Programs

The Friends of the NIU Libraries endeavors to create and support public presentations consistent with the organization’s stated purpose and goals. These are to support and promote the acquisition, maintenance, and use of the University Libraries’ resources, in all formats, and to enhance the public’s appreciation of the Libraries and of intellectual pursuits.  Programs are typically sponsored for the members and promotional benefit of the Friends of the NIU Libraries.  Should academic units or organizations at NIU or the surrounding communities seek co-sponsorship of a public presentation, each request shall be considered on a case by case basis. Each request for funding support and co-sponsorship from the Friends should be submitted no later than two months before the scheduled program. Each request for funding should include a detailed budget attached to the “Application for Co-Sponsorship” form. Each request for co-sponsorship of a program by the Friends, whether or not funding is requested, requires approval of the Friends Executive Committee. Programs approved for co-sponsorship should include recognition of the Friends in all promotional materials.

When reviewing funding requests for co-sponsored programs, the Friends Executive Committee shall consider the following criteria.

  • Does the program’s theme or content correspond closely to the mission and goals of the Friends?
  • Does the anticipated audience for the program seem similar and appropriate to those that also would likely attend Friends events?
  • Does the requested funding match the scale of support for previous Friends programs?
  • Does the program offer tangible promotional benefits for the Friends?
  • Does the program have additional co-sponsorship?

Application for Co-Sponsorship

We are determined to respond to your inquiry within 48 business hours (excluding breaks and holidays). Please provide contact information to minimize delays processing your inquiry.

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