Reproduction Policies

The following policies and fees for copying materials held by Rare Books and Special Collections (RBSC) at Northern Illinois University have been established to assure the preservation of the materials, allow reasonable copying by researchers, and provide as much service as possible given limited staff resources. Some materials may be too fragile to be copied or cannot be done because it violates donor agreements. In every case, the decision to copy any item is at the discretion of RBSC staff. RBSC staff provides reference and copying services. Copies are made for research and reference only.


Patrons are not permitted to photocopy RBSC materials as they require special handling. RBSC staff will make photocopies of materials in the collections for researchers working in the reading room for twenty-five cents ($0.25) per page. OneCards, Copy Cards, or checks under $5.00 are not accepted. Researchers requesting copies by mail or fax are charged a flat fee of $5.00 to cover duplication, postage, and handling for orders of 10 pages or less and twenty-five cents ($0.25) for each additional page. Checks should be made out to Northern Illinois University. Members of the Horatio Alger Society who are requesting copies of items held in RBSC are not subject to these charges. Copies from the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) Manuscript Collection are prohibited.

Scanning/Digital Reproduction

Personal scanners are not permitted. Items in Rare Books and Special Collections can be digitally scanned by the Library's digitization unit to your specifications. There is no charge for non-profit use. Requests for digital copies are to be done through the Digitization Services page. A copy of all scans remain with Rare Books and Special Collections, and may be added to our digital collections. All images used from Rare Books and Special Collections should bear the credit line, "Rare Books and Special Collections, Northern Illinois University.” In general, Rare Books and Special Collections is not the copyright holder for its materials. It is the responsibility of the patron to adhere to all applicable copyright law when seeking permission to publish. Scans requested for exclusive use are handled on a case-by-case basis. Please contact the RBSC Librarian for details.


Researchers may use digital cameras on site with prior arrangement at the discretion of the Curator. If approved, researchers are prohibited from using flash photography. Photographs of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) Manuscripts Collections are prohibited.

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