Copyright and Fair Use

  1. Reserves policy is based on the United States Copyright Act of 1976.
  2. §107 of the Copyright Law specifies that it is a fair use to make a copy of a copyrighted work "for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research."
  3. This section further lays out the following four factors in order to determine whether the use of a work is fair use:
    1. the purpose and character of the use, including whether such use is of a commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes;
    2. the nature of the copyrighted work;
    3. the amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole;
    4. the effect of the use upon the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work.

This checklist is provided to assist the requesting faculty in determining whether a selection chosen for Reserves is likely to be fair use.

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