Theatre Arts Collection Development Policy

I. Academic Programs Served

A. Departments Served:

Theatre Arts, Dance Division

B. Degrees Offered:

B.A., B.F.A., (emphasis on Acting, Design and Technology, Dance Performance).

M.F.A., (emphasis on Acting, Design and Technology, Dance Performance).

II. Purpose and Clientele Served

A. Average use by undergraduate students for all of the above cited emphases; particularly intensive use by graduate students and faculty in the following areas: Design/Technology; History/Literature/Criticism; Performing Arts.

B. Referrals to other areas: Generally, all since the theatre cuts across all disciplines of study and research. Greatest intensity in the following cognate areas: Art, Music, Language & Literature, Architecture, History, Science, Home Economics, Business, Speech (TV and Film).

Referrals from other areas: Art, Music, Language & Literature, Speech (TV and Film).

III. General Collection Policy Consideration

A. Languages

English is the predominate language of the collection with the exception of plays and other key treatises that originate in a language other than English for which accepted practices of research demand both the original and translation.

B. Chronological Emphasis

Generally, the chronological emphasis of the collection is in current literature, while gaps in historical holdings will be filled in as found. However, play scripts, production data, critical treatises or significant biographical materials are considered essential from any historical period and geographical area.

C-F. The study and research practices in theatre arts demands maximum flexibility and the absolute broadest range of collection policy financially feasible to this end, the citation of limits, priorities, etc., would be counterproductive to accepted scholarship in the discipline.

IV. Collecting Levels (Tabular data is supplied at the end of this policy.)

V. Other Resources

A. Since the theatre is, by definition, interdisciplinary, all library resources are exploited in research and study.

B. Recognizing that NIU is a member of the Center for Research Libraries and that these sources may be requested by our clientele, with the possible exception of play collections, meddlers, or other very specialized instances, most outside library resources easily accessible from NIU are not generally recognized as having major subject collections in theatre arts.

VI. Special Remarks/Observations


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