Political Science Collection Development Procedures

I. Academic Programs Served

A. The principal user of the political science collection is the Political Science Department.

B. Degrees offered by the Department are B.A. and B.S. degrees at the undergraduate level and M.A., M.A.P.A., C.A.S., and Ph.D. degrees at the graduate level. Each of the Sub-disciplines of political science concentrate on certain subject areas.

C. At this time, no new degree programs are planned or anticipated.

II. Clientele Served

A. The students and faculty of the Political Science Department utilize the collection. There is intensive use of the collection by graduate students and faculty. The general public from time to time will use the Illinois law materials by Political Science and other academic departments.

III. General Collection Policy Considerations

A. English will be the predominant language of collection development. International Relations and Comparative Government will require some materials in foreign languages. These materials will be collected on a limited basis. These languages may be French, German, Russian or Spanish. Southeast Asian materials will be collected by The Southeast Asia Collection.

B. The chronological emphasis will be on current materials for "Public Administration", "American Government", "Comparative Government" and “Public Law", "International Relations" is interested in current materials and earlier materials of the twentieth century which had an influence on foreign policy and the United Nations.

C. Geographical emphasis is United States and European; Africa, China, Eastern Europe, Latin America, and materials related to Russian studies will be developed secondarily.

D. Microfilms of various collections may be added as warranted but primary development of the collection will be in monographs and serials.

E. "American Government" and "Public Administration" will emphasize current materials--1960 forward. Materials in "Public Law" should also be acquired from 1960 forward as budgetary funds permit. More leeway in imprint date is given to international relations, comparative government and political theory.

IV. Political Science Collecting Levels

  • Subject: American Government and Politics
    LC Classes: JA 71 -89 
    KF 285
  • Subject: Public Law
    LC Classes: HV 6001 - 9420 
    JA 75 - 79 
    JF 141 - 170 

  • Subject: Public Administration
    LC Classes: BF 
    HP 1387 - 1391 
    HJ 2005 - 2799 
    HT 166 - 169 
    JK 401 - 611 
    JK 1001 - 1128 
    JK 1151 - 1271 
    JK 1304 - 1443 
    JK 1511 - 1598 
    JS 1701 - 8429 
    KF 3775 - 3813 
    KF 4800 - 4840 
    KF 5601 - 5710 
    KF 5721 - 5740 
    KF 6201 - 6795 
    KF 9223
  • Subject: Political Theory
    LC Classes: HX 626 - 793 
    JA 36 - 83 
    JC 57 - 273 
    JC 421 - 458 
    JC 474 
    JC 481 
    JC 495 
    JK 11 -289
  • Subject: Comparative Politics
    LC Classes: JL 590 - 3899 
    JN 1 - 4945 
    JQ 200 - 1729 
    JX 1569 - 1581 
    JC 421 - 458 
    JC 481 
    JC 495 
    HX 626 - 795 
    JQ 1900 - 3981 
    JN 6501 - 6769
  • Subject: International Relations
    LC Classes: JX 101- 115 
    JX 1625 - 1894 
    JX 1305 - 1599 
    BN 69 
    BT 31 -38 
    JX 691 - 700 
    JX 631 - 640 
    JX 681 - 90
  • Special Observations: for Public Law it is impossible to determine the policy for collecting until the variables that conflict with the Law School are determined. Sources that exist in Microforms and Government Publications are generally not included.

V. Other Resources

A-B. At NIU, other areas such as economics, sociology, and history augment the collections of Political Science. Areas such as Government Publications and the Map Library at Davis Hall are also useful. Off Campus, Center for Research Libraries, LCS Libraries, and Newberry augment the collection.

VI. Special Remarks

This analysis does not generally include an evaluation of the Government Publication area. It is recognized that this analysis and policy is subject to change as programming changes.

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