School of Nursing Collection Development Policy

January 2004

I. Academic Programs Served

A. The library collection supports present and anticipated teaching and research needs in the field of nursing and other health science areas.

B. The School of Nursing offers the B.S. degree with a major in nursing as well as an R. N. degree – completion program and also a Master of Science in Nursing. In addition, there is also a degree offered jointly with the School of Allied Health Professions – M. S. in Nursing and Masters in Public Health (MPH) and a Certificate of Graduate Study for Family Nurse Practitioners.

II. Clientele Served

The primary users of the collection are the undergraduate and graduate students and faculty of the School of Nursing. A broad educational base is required for students in nursing in a wide variety of subject areas, such as physiology, psychology, sociology, nutrition, etc. A portion of the collection encompasses general health science and medical works that are of interest to the general public.

III. General Collection Policy Considerations

A. Language

English is the language of the collection. Works written in other languages will be purchased only in rare instances and only if translated into English.

B. Chronological Emphasis

Emphasis will be on current materials with some exceptions dealing with nursing and/or medical history.

C. Geographical Limitations

Primary emphasis is on nursing materials published in the U.S. and in England. There is also some interest in international nursing.

D. Formats of Materials

Materials acquired will be in printed as well as in electronic format. There is a great emphasis in nursing as well as in other health areas on the electronic databases, such as CINAHL, Medline and others. And the emphasis is changing from bibliographic access to full text articles available online.

E. Special Considerations

IV. Other Resources

NIU is a member of the Fox Valley Health Science Librarians Consortium. Most of the membership comes from hospital libraries which make available more esoteric medical materials that are out of scope of our collection development collecting levels. 
Materials not available at NIU Libraries can be obtained through the Document Delivery System which uses modern methods of online delivery as well as traditional interlibrary loan.

V. Nursing Collecting Levels

  • Subject: Medical Terminology and Dictionaries
    LC Class: R121 
    Desired Strength: 2b
  • Subject: Epidemiology
    LC Class: RA 650.5
    Desired Strength:
  • General Pathology
    LC Class: RB 127 - 214
    Desired Strength: 2b
  • Subject: Clinical Physiology
    LC Class: RB 113
    Desired Strength: 3a
  • Subject: Preventive Medicine
    LC Class: RA 445 - 448
    Desired Strength: 3b
  • Subject: Infectious Diseases and Public Health
    LC Class: RA 643.5 - .6 (1) 
    RA 644.A
    Desired Strength: 3c
  • Subject: Chronic and Noninfectious Disease
    LC Class: RA 644.5 - .7 
    RA 645.C - .R
    Desired Strength: 3c
  • Subject: Nurses' Drug Manual
    LC Class: RM 125
    Desired Strength: 3c
  • Subject: Medical Ethics
    LC Class: R 724 - 726
    Desired Strength: 3b
  • Subject: Diet Therapy (Cancer, Duodenum, Heart, Pediatrics, Stomach, Tuberculosis and Methods of Feeding)
    LC Class: RC 271.D52 
    RC 819.D5 
    RC 684.D5 
    RC 311.D5 
    RC 816.D5 
    RJ 53.D53 
    RM 223 - 225 
    Desired Strength: 3b
  • Subject: Alcoholism
    LC Class: HV 5001 - 5720
    Desired Strength: 2a
  • Subject: Tobacco and Drugs
    LC Class: HV 5725 - 5840
    Desired Strength: 2a
  • Subject: Clinical Psychology
    LC Class: RC 455 - 473 
    RC 480 - 499 
    RC 512 - 571
    Desired Strength: 2a
  • Subject: Gynecology and Obstetrics
    LC Class: RG
    Desired Strength: 2a
  • Subject: Pediatrics
    LC Class: RJ
    Desired Strength: 2a
  • Subject: Obstetric Nursing
    LC Class: RG 951
    Desired Strength: 3a
  • Subject: Gynecological Nursing
    LC Class: RG 105
    Desired Strength: 3a
  • Subject: Geriatric Nursing
    LC Class: RC 954
    Desired Strength: 3a
  • Subject: Cancer Nursing
    LC Class: RC 266
    Desired Strength: 3c
  • Subject: Dermatological Nursing
    LC Class: RL 125
    Desired Strength: 3a
  • Subject: Disaster Nursing
    LC Class: RT 108
    Desired Strength: 3b
  • Subject: Eye, Ear, Nose, Throat Nursing
    LC Class: RE 88, 91
    Desired Strength: 3a
  • Subject: Neurological Nursing
    LC Class: RC 350.5
    Desired Strength: 3a
  • Subject: Orthopedic Nursing
    LC Class: RD 753
    Desired Strength: 3a
  • Subject: Psychiatric Nursing
    LC Class: RC 440
    Desired Strength: 3a
  • Subject: Respiratory Disease Nursing
    LC Class: RC 735.5
    Desired Strength: 3a
  • Subject: Surgical Nursing
    LC Class: RD 99
    Desired Strength: 3a
  • Subject: Tuberculosis Nursing
    LC Class: RC 311.8
    Desired Strength: 3a
  • Subject: Cardiovascular Disease Nursing
    LC Class: RC 674
    Desired Strength: 3a
  • Subject: Communicable Disease Nursing
    LC Class: RT 95
    Desired Strength: 3a
  • Subject: Home Nursing
    LC Class: RT 61
    Desired Strength: 3a
  • Subject: Public Health Nursing
    LC Class: RT 97
    Desired Strength: 3b
  • Subject: School Nurses
    LC Class: LB 3407
    Desired Strength: 3b
  • Subject: Visiting Nurses
    LC Class: RT 98
    Desired Strength: 3a
  • Subject: Industrial Nursing
    LC Class: RC 966
    Desired Strength: 3a
  • Subject: Other Nursing Specialties
    LC Class: RT 102 - 120
    Desired Strength: 3a
  • Subject: Nursing (general)
    LC Class: RT 1 -29 
    RT 41 - 42 
    RT 48 - 55 
    RT 88 (x)
    Desired Strength: 3c
  • Subject: Nursing History
    LC Class: RT 31 - 37
    Desired Strength: 2a
  • Subject: Study and Teaching of Nursing
    LC Class: RT 71 -89, 90
    Desired Strength: 3c
  • Subject: Nursing Research
    LC Class: RT 81.5
    Desired Strength: 3c
  • Subject: Nursing as a Profession
    LC Class: RT 82 
    RT 82.8 
    (x) RT 83 - 83.5
    Desired Strength: 3c
  • Subject: Nursing Ethics
    LC Class: RT 85
    Desired Strength: 3c
  • Subject: Nursing Psychology
    LC Class: RT 86
    Desired Strength: 3c
  • Subject: Health
    LC Class: RA 773 - 790
    Desired Strength: 3c

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