Latino and Latin American Studies Collection Development Policy


I. Academic Programs Served

The sections of the University Library collections supporting the field of Latino and Latin American Studies are utilized by faculty, graduate and undergraduate students of many departments within the Colleges of Liberal Arts and Sciences and Visual and Performing Arts, principally Anthropology, Sociology, History, Political Science, Economics, Foreign Languages and Literatures, and Art.

II. Clientele

The interdisciplinary nature of this field of study is reflected in the holdings of the University Libraries in many of the humanities and social sciences, and principally influences all Bachelor of Arts and Sciences and Master of Arts programs in the majority of member departments of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and Visual and Performing Arts. While the primary clientele for the collection in this area may thus be considered to be the entire student and faculty population of Northern Illinois University, significant usage is also made by the local Hispanic community.

III. General Policy Considerations

A. The languages of collection shall be principally English and Spanish, with relevant primary materials in other languages considered on an individual basis accordingly to availability and relevance to local curriculum needs. 
Spanish texts of original documents will be preferred over translations.

B. Chronological emphasis will be placed on materials covering the experience of Hispanic Americans in North, Central and South America from the sixteenth century to the present day, with a particular focus on the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The acquisition of materials from individual nations will vary according to the depth of primary documentation extant for each and its availability in paper, microfilm, or electronic form.

C. The geographic emphases of collection in this field will be principally focused on North, Central and South America, although literature on the life experiences of Latino and Latin globally will be selectively acquired as relevant to local curriculum needs.

D. The preferred formats of collection will be books and monographs, with special attention paid to materials produced by publishers from within the Latino and Latin American communities that may not appear in the profile of the University Libraries approval plan. Acquisition of primary documentation set in microfilm will be done on a selective basis as available and relevant to curriculum needs and faculty research.

IV. Collecting Levels

Acquisition will be done at the advanced study and/or research levels (3c/4), depending on the composition of the individual literatures of the sub-disciplines, the volume of publishing (in both paper and electronic formats) and the shifting research priorities of the faculty, graduate and upper-level undergraduate students of departments whose courses comprise the program of study overseen by the Center for Latino and Latin American Studies. Emergent areas of study within Latino/Latin American Studies will be developed to the degree they become integrated into the overall curriculum and the discipline as a whole. Internet access to website resources in anthropology and its sub-disciplines will be added to the holdings of the University Libraries subject webpage as available and may be removed if the site is not maintained or ceases to exist. Electronic data sets will not be acquired, as the University Libraries server is not adequate to house or maintain such products; however, information on said datasets if available on campus will be provided to the public on the University Libraries web page for Latino/Latin American Studies. Databases containing information on any aspect of Latino/Latin American Studies (whether commercially or privately produced) may be added to the holdings of the University Libraries by subscription after review, provided the access formats for said data are compatible with existing hardware/software configurations and any licensing agreements do not violate established legal limitations of the University.

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