School of Allied Health Professions Collection Development Policy

Submitted by Jitka Hurych, Subject Specialist

January 2004

I. Academic Program Served

A. The library collection supports present and anticipated teaching and research needs in allied health fields and other health science areas.

B. The School of Allied Health Professions offers baccalaureate degrees in several areas:

  • clinical laboratory sciences
  • physical therapy
  • community health

as well as graduate degrees:

  • Master of Public Health (M.P.H.)
  • Master of Physical Therapy (M.P.T.)

There is also a simultaneous degree program with the School of Nursing offering joint M.P.H. and M.S. in Nursing.

II. Clientele Served

The primary users of the collection are the undergraduate and graduate students and faculty of the School of Allied Health Professions. However, a portion of the collection should be of interest to nursing and even to the general public.

III. General Collection Policy Considerations

A. Language

English is the language of the collection. Works written in languages other than English may be purchased only if translated into English.

B. Chronological Emphasis

Emphasis is on the most current materials dealing with technical aspects of the allied health areas.

C. Geographical Limitations

Primary interest is on allied health concerns in the U.S. and occasionally also in England. There is also special interest in health problems of different ethnic groups living in the U.S.

D. Formats of Materials

Materials acquired will be in printed as well as in electronic format. The emphasis on electronic databases in health fields is changing from bibliographic access to full text.

E. Special Considerations

The curriculum of the allied health program is obviously interdisciplinary and therefore the books will be found in several areas across the LC classification scheme.

IV. Other Resources

NIU is a member of the Fox Valley Health Science Librarians Consortium. Most of the membership comes from hospital libraries, which make available more esoteric medical materials that are out of scope of our collection development collecting levels. Materials not available at NIU libraries can be obtained through the Document Delivery System, which uses modern methods of online delivery as well as traditional interlibrary loan.


  • Subject: Public Aspects of Medicine
    LC Class: RA
    Desired Strength: 3a
  • Subject: Clinical Pathology Laboratory Technique
    LC Class: RB 37-43, RB 45-55
    Desired Strength: 3e
  • Subject: Medical Microbiology
    LC Class: QR 46
    Desired Strength: 2a
  • Subject: Microbiology
    LC Class: QR
    Desired Strength: 2a
  • Subject: Physical Therapy
    LC Class: RM 695-890
    Desired Strength: 3c
  • Subject: Surgery-Rehabilitation
    LC Class: RD 795
    Desired Strength: 3c
  • Subject: Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons
    LC Class: HD 7255-7256, UB 360-366
    Desired Strength: 3c
  • Subject: Medical Physics
    LC Class: R 895
    Desired Strength: 2a
  • Subject: Medical Chemistry
    LC Class: RS 402-410
    Desired Strength: 2a
  • Subject: Immunology
    LC Class: QR 180-251
    Desired Strength: 3b
  • Subject: Infectious & Parasitic Diseases
    LC Class: RC 110-216
    Desired Strength: 3b
  • Subject: Sociology
    LC Class: HM
    Desired Strength: 2b
  • Subject: Social Pathology
    LC Class: HV 40-696
    Desired Strength: 2b
  • Subject: Alcoholism
    LC Class: HV 5001-5720
    Desired Strength: 2a
  • Subject: Tobacco and Drugs
    LC Class: HV 5725-5840
    Desired Strength: 2a
  • Subject: Cytology
    LC Class: QH 583-671
    Desired Strength: 3a
  • Subject: Anatomy
    LC Class: QL 805-950
    Desired Strength: 2a
  • Subject: Nervous System
    LC Class: QM 451-471
    Desired Strength: 2a
  • Subject: Human & Comparative Histology
    LC Class: QM 550-575
    Desired Strength: 2a
  • Subject: Blood (Physiology)
    LC Class: QP 91-99.5
    Desired Strength: 3b
  • Subject: Medical Nomenclature
    LC Class: R 121, R 123
    Desired Strength: 2a
  • Subject: General Biology
    LC Class: QH 301-705
    Desired Strength: 2a
  • Subject: Medical Radiology
    LC Class: RM 845-862
    Desired Strength: 2b
  • Subject: Occupational Therapy
    LC Class: RM 735
    Desired Strength: 3c
  • Subject: Orthopedics
    LC Class: RD 736.M25-.T, RM 724-725
    Desired Strength: 3b
  • Subject: Sports Medicine
    LC Class: RC 1200-1245
    Desired Strength: 3b
  • Subject: Neurology
    LC Class: RC 346-358
    Desired Strength: 3b
  • Subject: Geriatrics
    LC Class: RC 953.5
    Desired Strength: 3b
  • Subject: Kinesiology
    LC Class: QP 301-303
    Desired Strength: 3b
  • Subject: Hematology
    LC Class: RB 45-45.5
    Desired Strength: 3c
  • Subject: Immunohematology
    LC Class: QP 98, RB 145
    Desired Strength: 3c
  • Subject: Coagulation
    LC Class: QP 93.5, RM 171.5
    Desired Strength: 3c
  • Subject: Serology
    LC Class: QR 183, RB 36.5.5N (no cards)
    Desired Strength: 3c
  • Subject: Clinical Psychology
    LC Class: RC 455-473, RC 480-499, RC 512-571
    Desired Strength: 2b

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