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May 2019

The Victorians and Their Flowers

In nineteenth century Great Britain there was an explosion of interest in flowers and gardening at all levels of English Society, including the new middle classes that developed as a result of the Industrial Revolution. Whether you are an avid gardener or enjoy the gardening efforts of others, the Victorians and their passion for flowers can still inspire us today.

Contact person: Kathy Ladell,, (815) 753-5290.

International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements (IYPT 2019) - Second Floor

The United Nations General Assembly and UNESCO have proclaimed 2019 to be the “International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements.”  This is also the 150th anniversary of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements, since Dmitri Mendeleev discovered Periodic Law in 1869.

Contact person: Meredith Ayers,, (815) 753-1872.

Regional History Center – Fourth Floor

Reading Room cases: “NIU Student Festivals: Traditions of Fun”

Campus has come together for friendly competition, light-hearted entertainment, carnivals, and social dances since its founding in 1899. These events are ways for NIU students to build community and unwind. Today Homecoming remains the one major campus event, but in the past May Fete and Winter Carnival were just as important.

These festivities serve as reminders that college is about more than academics, and offer the chance for campus-wide fun.

Entry Way Exhibit case: “NIU's Memory Art Walk”

From our Art building’s studio spaces to visiting artist, there have been a broad range of artwork that has been created and displayed throughout campus. The mini display holds event postcards featuring artwork for exhibitions held at campus, memorabilia and student artwork.

Contact person: Margret Abbott,, (815) 753-1779.

Rare Books and Special Collections - Fourth Floor

“Nothing to Lose: Sports and Adventures in Rare Books and Special Collections”

National observances for the summer months include sports and adventure. In May, we celebrate golf and tennis. Women’s golf follows in June, as well as the great outdoors, sports America kids, and world naked bike ride. Family golf, Tour de France, and women’s motorcycle observances are acknowledged in July. Finally, August brings us American adventures.

The Rare Books and Special Collections exhibit highlights items in the collection that represent sports, adventure, and the great outdoors. Sorry, no naked bike rides.

Contact person: Angie Schroeder,, (815) 753-8091.

Southeast Asia Collection - Fourth Floor

“Discover Myanmar”

In conjunction with the symposium on Burmese reverse glass painting, the visit of the Ambassador of Myanmar to the US, Aung Lynn, and as part of International Education Week, the Southeast Asia collection has put together an exhibit about Myanmar.  It features books, and artifacts that focus on the history, politics, culture and art of Myanmar.  Included in this are some old and rare books from the rare books annex.  The exhibit also highlights NIU’s involvement with Myanmar through the Center for Burma Studies as well as workshops in two university libraries in Myanmar taught by Hao Phan.

Contact person: Joanna Kulma,, (815) 753-1819.

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